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Man’s greatest feats come in all shapes and sizes.

Peridot is your next-generation, vertically-integrated production partner.

Faster than a speeding deadline. Able to leap huge engineering obstacles in a single facility. It’s a partner! It’s a specialist! It’s Peridot, your resource for design, prototyping, testing, fabrication and distribution of virtually any precision component. We can’t quite bend steel with our bare hands (unless it happens to be very thin). But we can laser weld, wireform, Hypotube form, laser burn, metal fab and much more, thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment and our super suits (particularly useful for our Validated ISO Class 8 Controlled Environment Room). So when chaos threatens and your project is on the line, just call Peridot. And consider the day saved.

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Peridot is Fully Armed with an Arsenal of Awesomeness

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LASER cutting

Peridot’s CNC laser cutting equipment produces burr free, close-tolerance parts with minimal heat affected zones, while allowing rapid changes to part specifications.

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LASER marking

Peridot’s has nine laser workstations all equipped with X-Y and rotary axis capability that can etch logos, serial numbers and part identification on everything from metal to wood.

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LASER welding

Peridot has perfected the art of using pulse-shaping, fixturing and assist gasses to tackle impossibly small, delicate welds, often joining dissimilar metals and dissimilar shapes that others can’t.

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Impossible: been there, done that.

At Peridot, overcoming the impossible is just another day at the office.

We’re challenge-hungry, cross-industry experts performing jobs in-house everyday that include cnc machining, laser cutting, marking and welding, wireforming, hypotubeformation, metals and plastic fabrication, complex electromechanical assembling, and many more. This case study will give you peak under Peridot’s hood.


A medical device manufacturer needed to reduce the manufacturing cost of a multi-prong infusion needle used for tumor ablatement. The original design required the use of expensive Nitinol tubing, inflating the cost of the device due to the need for heat-set shaping to achieve a consistently accurate curvature of the collapsible tines.

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When it comes to passion for
medical precision manufacturing, we’re certifiable.

Peridot has all of the medical industry’s top certifications.


Peridot is a registered manufacturer and assembler of medical device components in a clean room environment. Download


Peridot has been given Medical Device Establishment Registration from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. Download


Peridot is a licensed medical device manufacturer with the State of California Department of Public Health, Food & Drug Branch. Download


Peridot is a registered manufacturer in accordance with International Traffic in Arms Regulations. Download