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The Fast And The Curious

Peridot is known for surmounting any and all design and engineering obstacles.

While we don’t think of ourselves as daredevils, truth is we love a good challenge — finding ways to do what the others say can’t be done. We thrive on meeting and exceeding deadlines. With over twenty years experience with device fabrication and precision miniature and micro-miniature component assembly, Peridot can design, prototype, test and produce at the speed of delight.

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  • Meet Pat

    As the consumer electronics industry boomed throughout the 70’s and 80’s, Pat cut his teeth working in every facet of precision manufacturing, from operating machine tools to managing operations and staff. That from-the-ground-up practical experience convinced Pat that he was more than qualified to start his own manufacturing company—and moreover, that he could do it better than the companies he’d been working for.

    With the help of Debra VanSickle, Pat set to work outfitting a small workspace with the necessary equipment. Pat and Debra opened Peridot in 1996. Since then, he has guided the company through its growth from a small, rapid prototyping and product development specialist to its current structure, offering complete end-to-end precision manufacturing and clean room assembly services to a wide range of industries.


    A founding partner of Peridot, Debra VanSickle heads the “business” side of the company, working closely with clients to ensure that our services meet their needs precisely. Debra began her career in sales, but quickly discovered a knack for entrepreneurship. Founding Peridot allowed her to combine her passion for customer service and her strong organizational and leadership skills.

    Prior to founding Peridot, Debra amassed years of experience working directly with machine shop employees on the workshop floor. She even learned how to operate many machine tools to better gauge their utility for clients. That unique hands-on understanding of our machines and their capabilities makes Debra an invaluable resource for our clients, helping them interface with our technicians to ensure that our services precisely meet their project specifications.

  • Meet Chuck

    Chuck earned a degree in mechanical engineering from Oregon State University, then accepted a machinist apprenticeship, which led to a series of more senior positions at precision manufacturing companies. Chuck eventually earned the title of CEO and President of a leading manufacturer of fiber optic lasers, where his responsibilities included raising venture capital, and plotting the company’s growth strategies.

    That high-level operations expertise, combined with his practical knowledge of ISO compliance, clean room assembly, quality control processes and much more, have made Chuck an invaluable addition to the Peridot team. He has played a crucial role in the enhancement of our capabilities and the expansion of our facility since joining the company in 2004, and his work has helped raise our quality and service delivery to a whole new level.

  • Meet Mike

    Mike is a seasoned veteran in the field of machining and fabrication, with over 46 years in the industry. A certified Tool & Die maker by trade, Mike started in the tooling industry by joining IBM right out of high school, then working through the semiconductor boom of the 80’s and into the aerospace, oil field and medical industries.

    Mike is truly a hands on person, able to work through issues with complex parts and assemblies. Mike works directly with our customers engineering staff on raw materials, finishes and design for manufacture challenges. His broad background and in-depth knowledge of a wide rand of materials allows him to craft the best solution for our customers.


Achieving the impossible every day. Often before lunch.

Started with a passion for innovation and finding the perfect solution.

Founded by Patrick E. Pickerell and Debra Van Sickle, Peridot opened our doors in June 1996 in a small “incubator” workshop with four employees and a modest collection of machine tools. Word of our quality work and expertise quickly spread, and we were soon engaged to ramp up projects for full production. As business quickly grew throughout the late 90’s, we began recruiting the top people available, and we invested in new and more advanced equipment. This allowed us to expand our services for our clients and to tackle more complex assignments, while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Peridot soon outgrew our original incubator space. In spring 1999, we moved into a modern, 6,000 square foot facility with space for 20 employees. We continued expanding that space until 2008, when we moved into our current digs: a 30,000 square foot building complete with a ISO Class 8 clean room and space for R&D and engineering. Today, Peridot is proud to employ a dedicated, professional staff of 70, offering a complete range of precision manufacturing and device assembly services. In 2016, Peridot added 3 new lasers, an additional EDM small hole drilling machine and another Mori Seiki Mill-Turn Center, and broke the $10 million mark in annual sales in 2016.

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